The Genuinely Good Side Of Thailand

Often we post stories showing the less appealing side of Thailand and it is easy to forget how genuinely caring Thai people can be. So I feel that I should highlight this following my recent encounter with a dog at the Buriram driving range.

On Saturday I was bitten on the leg by a dog at the range. It was a completely unprovoked attack which drew blood so obviously hospital treatment was mandatory. The manager’s wife immediately cleaned the wound with antiseptic and she was very distressed.

I went straight to the local hospital and 6 injections later, in various areas of my anatomy,  I was allowed to go home. But not before I paid a hefty bill of 6,489 bht. As the day wore on the injection sites became very painful, making moving about very difficult.

A further three visits to the hospital for more injections will be necessary and I was feeling very sorry for myself. Obviously, I couldn’t just let the matter rest as the same dog had tried to bite me on a previous occasion.

My dilemma was that over the years I had become very friendly with the family who run the range. They are really nice people and I was afraid that this could affect our friendship. I left a copy of the bill at the range on Sunday and waited to hear from them.

Last night , having just returned from a friend’s funeral, I received a call asking if they could come and meet me. I assumed they wanted to discuss the bill.

This was not the case. They all turned up with a large basket of fruit plus an envelope which contained the full cost of the treatment. They showed only concern over my well-being and not about the money. To my shame, this took me by surprise and it was a reminder of why I love this country.

When writing about so much negativity, it is easy to forget that there are a great number of lovely people here who you are lucky to have as friends. It is something I won’t forget again.

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