Thirteen Cases Cleared Up In Two Months In Joint US And Thai Operations Against Pedophiles

US and Thailand in fight against pedophiles. (Photo:-Manager Online)

Joint operations between Thai authorities and FBI operatives in Thailand have seen 13 arrests made in September and October.

This brings to 58 cases of those arrested over the last 2/3 years. Most of the pedophiles and criminals preying on children are Thai, American and British.

Thailand has been praised by the FBI for their work with the US authorities.

The latest arrests were announced at Thai Police HQ yesterday as the head of TICAC – Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children – chaired a press briefing with FBI colleagues.

Thammasak Wicharaya said that 13 cases were cleared up from September 7th to October 14th. Nine Thais were arrested and four US nationals.

Six of the cases are believed to concern the sharing of indecent images of children, two involved molestation, four were warrants issued in the US and one was a person sent back to Thailand to face charges.

FBI operative in Thailand John Shekowski praised the Thais for their work saying that Thailand was moving up the league table of countries providing valuable help to the US in eradicating the scourge of people preying on children through the internet.

Some 57 arrests have been made in 58 cases in the 2015-2017 period. These were mostly Thai people but also US nationals and British in second and third places respectively.

Crimes included the sharing of indecent images, molestation and human trafficking.

Also 125 other cases are being investigated and have yet to be prosecuted due to lack of evidence.

(Source:-Manager Online)

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