Three Dead As High Ranking Forestry Official Makes Dangerous U-Turn

Forestry official flees scene following accident. (Photo:-Daily News)

A video from Suphanburi showed a Pajero driver do a U-turn that led to the death of three people including a six year old boy. Four people were also seriously injured.
The Pajero cuts in front of a white Toyota Vios causing it to swerve into a tree.
The driver of the Pajero just drives off as if nothing has happened.
The woman who posted the footage online – Puntiwa Sanuan – said: “Did you buy your license? Take responsibility for what you have done.”
Yesterday the Pajero driver gave himself up to police. He is Montree Khengkhetkarn, 45, a senior forestry department official and head of a protected animal species reserve in Beung Chawak. He works for the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation in Suphanburi province.

He said he never saw the Vios coming and by the time he did it was too late. He fled in a panic but called the police afterwards.


He apologized to the victims and their relatives and said he would take full responsibility.


Dead were 36 year old Prasert Atkhonghan, 22 year old Namfa Suppradermchai and Siwa Plotprong aged just six.


Funeral rites are being held at three different area temples for the victims.


Four people were seriously injured after the accident that happened on Malaimaen Road in the central Thai province.

Montree has initially been charged with negligent driving causing death and fleeing the scene of an accident. He was let go as he had voluntarily surrendered to police.

It is believed that Montree may face further charges.
(Source:-Daily News)


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