Time For Theerathon Truce


Now that the dust has settled after Buriram’s second defeat of the season by Muang Thong, after previously going 20 games without losing, perhaps it is time to reflect on the more unsavoury events on Sunday.

Buriram and Muang Thong are the biggest two teams in Thailand so there is always going to be intense rivalry between them. It has not been helped by the totally unacceptable behaviour of Muang Thong’s so called “Ultras” who hide behind black masks and think they are above the law.

It has been further fuelled by Thailand captain Theerathon’s decision to leave Buriram and join their bitter rivals. In the latest clash between the two teams, Theerathon was subjected to a tirade of abuse from the Buriram fans and he responded with over-the top celebrations, including badge kissing, when Muang Thong equalized.

He has since stated on social media that he no longer has any affection for Buriram and hopes their present difficulties continue. This is a sad state of affairs and it’s time that both Buriram fans and Theerathon grew up.

It’s also time to examine the situation with a cool head ahead of next week’s vital FA Cup clash. Firstly, Theerathon is a professional footballer and he has the right to ply his trade with whoever he wishes.

This ridiculous idea that players should not leave their club to join their main rivals is prevalent throughout football. In England, Arsenal-Spurs, Manchester United-Liverpool spring to mind.

Supporters have no right to decide which clubs players should play for . I understand it is difficult for fans to accept that their heroes choose to leave and play for their bitter rivals and Theerathon’s situation is more difficult than most.

It is well-known that Theerathon wanted to play in Japan and it is perfectly understandable. The Japanese league is of a higher overall standard and it is natural for a player to want to improve his game.

Had Theerathon gone to Japan, he would have done so with all of the supporters’ best wishes and thanks for his undoubted major contribution to Buriram’s success.

However, he chose to leave Buriram and do the unthinkable of joining Muang Thong at a time when Buriram were struggling with unprecedented injuries . It’s not what he did, it’s when.

As ever in football, there are always two sides to every story. I know for a fact that Theerathon had “issues” with the club but what they were I can’t reveal on here as they were told to me in confidence.

Theerathon has left, never to  return and it’s time that Buriram supporters put it behind them and concentrate on giving the team the wholehearted support they need.

It is also time for Theerathon to show how a Thailand captain should behave and remember the fantastic times he had at Buriram. He would do well to follow his teammate Adisak’s attitude when he refused to celebrate three times after scoring against his former club. That is TRUE class.

We can’t change the past and both Buriram fans and Theerathon should move on and show some dignity.



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