Top Lawyer Complains About Not Being Able To Take His Face Cream On Plane

Lawyer in face cream row at airport. (Photo:-Daily News)

A well known Thai lawyer went on his Facebook page to slam officials at Don Muang airport for not allowing him to take two tubes of face cream on a flight to Chiang Rai.

The tubes contained 120 grams and 150 grams and were too big for the passenger cabin regulations on liquids.

But if he expected support from the public for his rant about “Thais being mean to Thais” he was mistaken.

Netizens told him that he should abide by the rules like everyone else as they were there for our security.

Praman Leuangwattanawanich posted comments and pictures of the offending creams on his Facebook page of “Praman says…”

He said he was late for his flight and couldn’t load his bag in the hold and when it was inspected for carry-on the items were discovered and confiscated.

He argued with officers and even expected them to look after the cream until he came back from his trip up north. Or at least keep them until someone came to pick them up.

Not surprisingly, the officers said they did not have such a service.

He then told them that he would leave the items on the side and if they were not there when he came back that would mean someone had stolen them.

The officials cut the conversation short and confiscated the items.

Praman complained that the officials and himself “were all Thais and in this together” and he blamed them for not having a Thai heart.

I love this country but one thing that really does irritate me is how some prominent Thais are so full of their own self-importance. Perhaps if he’d arrived at the airport on time then he could have taken his precious face creams.

It is to be hoped he wakes up with a gigantic spot on his forehead smiling back at him in the mirror !

(Source:-Daily News)


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