Driving tests eliminate “stand in” candidates. (Photo:-Daily News)

The Land Transport department has announced stringent new measures to ensure public confidence in the driving test.

These include having to take the test yourself.

In future applicants at land transport offices will have their picture taken both at the start and finish of the five hour process all under the watchful eye of the staff.

IDs will be double checked too.

Anyone found taking the test – written or practical – for someone else will find the full force of the law raining down on them, said chief of the department Sanit Phromwong yesterday.

Sanit was announcing a swathe of improvements to how Thais get their “temporary” licenses.

The new “E-exam” will have a 90% pass rate. That means a successful applicant must get 45 of the fifty questions right to pass.

The practical test of driving will be more closely watched too, he said.

Criminals preying on the public both at testing centres and online will be prosecuted.

And, perhaps equally importantly, he promised to go after any corrupt officials taking bribes within the department itself.

Extra convenience will now be available to the public by being able to get their place in he queue online or over the phone.

(Source:Daily News)

By Juninho