Can You Help Twelve Year-Old Satang Who Is Single-Handedly Looking After Paralyzed Father

Satang going through the trash.

This is a heart-wrenching story of a 12 year old girl who is forced to rummage in the trash and sell vegetables in the market to scrape money together to care for her paralyzed father.

The story came to light on the Facebook page of Poramet Misonphop, a foundation medic who visited the family and has provided some basic assistance to the father and daughter.

Twelve year old Satang said that her mum and sibling have left them all alone.

“When my dad asks me if I am tired – I just lie and say no” said the preteen whose life is unlike her friends who have many things.

She said that 5 years ago her father – who used to be a construction contractor – fell three floors while at work.

Two or three months after that her mother said she was leaving and taking her younger sibling away.

“I was seven,” said Satang. “I asked if I could stay with dad – I said who would look after him if I leave too?”

Right now Satang’s life is hard – she manages to get a daily income of 50 to 100 baht selling vegetables in the market and finding items in the trash that might be worth something.

A fund has been set up in the name of her father – Narin Arunwong – at Krung Thai bank account number 217 – 0 – 38423 – 5.

Further information can be gained by calling 080-775-3230.

A truly sad tale. How can this happen, even in Thailand. There are so many “good causes” in this country, but this is one I will be contributing to.

Having seen a You Tube tv news story about this remarkable young lady, this is a genuine story. Sometimes you come across someone special who deserves as much help as people can manage.

This is one such case and if we farang can spare the cost of a few beers then it would make so much difference to her and her poor father.




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