Buiram’s original favourite supermarket is well and truly back in the game.

After being revitalised with an enormous extension and new car parking facilities, people are once again flocking to the oldest supermarket player in town.

Taweeket on Jira road underwent radical changes towards the end of last year.

Almost doubling in size, it has added  a plethora of well known food franchises, hair and beauty salons, computer shops, phone shops, and a gigantic sized food court. 

Add onto this the planned new 3D cinema complex on the upper floors and they really have a complete mall type experience. 

The doors of this new section opened in late January. After an initial flurry customers are still coming in their droves. The food court is packed out, the car park near full and the shops busy.

With the Arrival of Big C and Macro in town a few years ago,Taweeket was suddenly not the major player in town. They suffered a notable decline in customer numbers. However, it seems wise investment has brought them right back into contention.

Restaurant Examples In The New Section

Sabushi – Serving a conveyor belt of unlimited all you can eat hot pot and sushi.

Jeffer Steak – Serving surf and turf and all sorts of steaks. All cooked exactly as you like it.

Ramen Noddle – Serving super sized noodles, a full selection of fresh sushi, and a variety large bento boxes