Nimo Ona2After finding their feet for some weeks, U-Near bar decided to start for real just yesterday.

Situated on the road behind Buriram Railway Station, they are a small and welcoming drinking retreat.

Owned byTimo (left of picture) and his wife Ona, the main themes are drinks, pool, and bar snacks.Timo hails from Finland and Ona is from just up the road at Khan Dong.

Timo has been coming to Thailand for twelve years and has now decided to open a business in Buriram. Ona already has a bit of experience as she owns a similar bar, of the same name, in her home town.

The Outside Of U-Near Bar


Their no fuss short menu offers a select number of Thai dishes with a handful of foreign options thrown in for good measure. Burgers, sandwiches and chicken nuggets are a few examples.

Simple breakfasts are planned for the future and fresh machined coffee is also served.

Bar activity is provided by a brand new pool table which sits in the middle of the bar.

Brand New Pool Table

pool table

Seating options range from leather lounging seats to high chairs on the tiled area outside the bar area.

High Seating Outside


Chairs Inside


Fridges are fully stocked with the normal array of drinks and spirits. A special mention should go to the draft Leo which comes by the pitcher or large glass, and their special house spirit of Finish vodka.

The Drinks Bar


Finally, the name is an interesting touch. Why is it called U-Near bar you may ask? Well, the reason is that Timo and Ona want U-Near to them. Boom, Boom Tish!

 How To Get There

 They are on the road just behind the railway station and opposite the recent housing development. Just up from Bar Roma.