Rise in unemployment but it’s still low.

Let us take this into perspective. The National Statistical Office said in January this year that there are 37.94 million people in working ages, but 37.21 million of them or 98.1% are employed while 449,000 or 1.2%  are unemployed, and 275, 000 others or 0.7% are seasonal employees.

For most western countries these ridiculously low figures would be commendable.

The figure showed that the number of unemployed in January this year was 100,000 higher than the same month last year.

We must also appreciate that there are no unemployment benefits in Thailand. Together with the self- employed culture of street vendors, motorbike taxis, and many other enterprising work activities and the “informal workers” along with the low birth rate, all has to be taken into consideration.

For the farming sector, the NSO also said that the labour force currently entering the farming sector in January this year declined by 200,000 people, while unemployment rate in the Northeast also rose higher by 50,000 people from last year.

It added that Bangkok has the lowest unemployment rate with the number of unemployed falling by 1,000 people in January.

Can you imagine any other capitol city in the west having so few unemployed?


Source: Thai PBS