University Student In Hospital In Khon Kaen After Cowardly Knife Attack

Scene of knife attack. (Photo:-Thai Rath)

The brother of a knife victim went online to say that Khon Kaen was getting scarier after a “motiveless” attack at a gas station.

The violence happened at a PTT station on the Friendship Highway near the North eastern University on Monday night.

A total of seven men – some with long knives – attacked 18 year old university freshman Sithikorn leaving him seriously wounded in hospital.

His family have given police  CCTV footage that shows the victim trying to flee before coming up against a high wall and being unable to escape.

Many young people join in the attack after arriving on motorcycles.

Neungburut Wongnarat went on Facebook to say that the victim was his younger brother and wrote:

“Khon Kaen is getting scarier everywhere. If they don’t catch these people next time it could be your relative”.

He appealed for help in catching the assailants and said there was a reward.

A frightening ordeal for the young man and we hope he makes a full recovery. A strange aspect of the story is that if it was motiveless, why did more attackers arrive on motorcycles?

Whatever the reason, something has to be done about these cowardly attacks and quickly. Catch the culprits and give them severe custodial sentences.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

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