Upper Thailand To Get Cooler By 1-3 °C



Thailand Meteorological Department forecast on Monday (November 18) that another rather strong high-pressure system had reached southern China and will be over the upper Northeast of Thailand by midnight on November 18.


A drop of 1.3 degrees C is also expected and the mornings will be cool and foggy. The high-pressure system will cover the North and the Central by tomorrow (November 19). All transport should proceed with caution as visibility will be considerably reduced.


The weaker northeast monsoon across the Gulf and the South will bring less rain to the South.


The weather forecast for the next 24 hours is as follows:


Northeastern region: Cool weather and fog in the morning, temperatures lows 19-22 degrees and highs of 33-34 degrees Celsius. Temperatures likely to drop to 9-12 degrees on hilltops.


(Source: The Nation)

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