Supplies of water running low in some areas.

Office 12 of the Royal Irrigation Department has ordered Chainat, Uthai Thani, Singburi, Ang Thong and Suphanburi provinces to prepare as supplies for farming are soon to be cut down in the interest of preserving water supplies for later in the dry season. Farms and localities have been told to begin storing up water as the release from dams will be slowed between now and April 1, when an evaluation of the situation will take place.

Authorities have been dispatched in Ayuthaya province to follow up on water management practices promoted to the public and have reported success so far in dividing supplies.

The Ministry of Agriculture meanwhile, has instructed the Royal Rainmaking Department to expedite its work in aid of farmers in need of water. Locals in the northeast have already filed official requests for rainmaking to support the growing of tapioca and corn.

All rainmaking offices have been allowed to perform cloud seeding as needed during this time but have noted that a tropical storm was expected in the country over the weekend.

It will be interesting to see how much precious water is wasted in these areas over Songkran !

(Source:National News Bureau of Thailand)


By Juninho