Why You Need To Be Careful At A Thai Green Light

 Translation: Waiting for green/Crossing the clear road/ Smash //Picture: Daily News

CCTV footage from Nakorn Ratchasima showed why drivers need to be careful when going through a green light – especially at deserted intersections at night.

You never know when some idiot is hell bent on whizzing through a red light.

On Saturday Thanapha Bolan, 45, was on her way home from her shift at a hotel in downtown Korat.

She was obeying the law to the letter but pulled her Honda City out straight into the path of an Isuzu pick-up being driven by a 30 year old man.

Fortunately both drivers and a female passenger in the pick-up were only slightly injured. But their vehicles were severely damaged.

Honda damaged Picture: Daily News 

The accident happened at the Nakorn Ratchasima zoo intersection on Route 304 at 10pm on Saturday night.

Thanapha had just passed through a police checkpoint and the CCTV showed a rescue vehicle quickly on the scene.

Despite long running campaigns to increase road safety awareness, these incidents are still common place.

Their three caption still of the accident read:

Waiting for green/Crossing the clear road/ Smash.

There is one thing wrong with the caption: despite the green light the road was not clear.

Times comment:- No need to comment, the video says it all.’

(Source:-Daily News)

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