Too big for a seatbelt?

A woman who was filmed not wearing a seatbelt claims it is “racist” against fat people.

The anonymous woman from New Zealand said she finds it difficult to strap herself in because she is overweight.

She tells others in the car: ‘I can’t fit it, so what’s the point in wearing it if I can’t fit it. If they’re going to give me a fine for not fitting my seatbelt, that’s just being racist, to the fat people.’

‘They’re just being racist, like what do they think the whole world is skinny or something? What about the big people?’

One of the passengers points out seat belt sizing is not racist as ‘fat people’ are not a race.

However, the driver insisted: ‘I could actually sue, like what if I crash, and something happens to me because the seatbelt couldn’t go around me.’The video is believed to have been made last June but the footage has only recently come to wide attention, being viewed half a million times.

People commenting pointed out that it is possible to buy a seat belt extender so drivers can keep within the law whatever their size.

At least this time we can’t say, “Only in Thailand !”

(Source:Metro News)

By Juninho