Woman Hangs Baby From A Rope Because Husband Would Not Answer The Phone

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Thai social media went crazy after a video appeared of a woman hanging a child with a rope around his neck.

The woman did it because her husband would not pick up the phone.

Shocked netizens called for immediate action as it emerged that police were later on the scene and the child was safe.

The selfie video showed a woman clearly angry and stressed over her husband. She says in Thai:

“Joe, this is your kid. Is this a rope?”

She picks up the young boy and dangles him by the rope for several seconds almost strangling him to death.

She then callously throws the screaming youngster down and says he’s not dead yet.

But then she threatens to take him somewhere else and kill him.

She said it is because her husband won’t pick up the phone.

The woman did not refer to the child as being her own though he may well be.

The clip was posted along with a message that said: “If someone is close please help. My daughter-in-law is crazy. What can I do?”

The incident happened in Soi Chalong Krung 39 in Lat Krabang eastern Bangkok.

Later a Facebook post to worried members of the public on the page of “Techa Thapthong” said: “The child is now safe. Don’t worry. Child protection are on their way. The police have arrived.”

A happy ending to what could have been another tragedy. It’s inconceivable to most of us that a child could lose its life over something so trivial. However, the human mind is a complex thing and can easily spiral out of control.

Let’s hope the woman gets the help she obviously needs and that the child goes on to lead a long and happy life. It is almost a mirror image of a story earlier in the year when a father killed his baby and then himself.

(Source:- Daily News)

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