Woman Has Wallet Stolen Following Crash



Wallet stolen.

Picture: Manager Online

A video is going viral on Thai social media that shows two big issues for the price of one.

Firstly a young woman is caught on CCTV riding a motorcycle in the rain holding an umbrella that is clearly stopping her seeing the road ahead.

She slams into the back of a parked pickup and her wallet comes free onto the road.

A motorcycle taxi driver with two passengers arrives and rather than help the victim the driver indicates to the man in the middle to pick up the wallet.

They then drive off after the wallet is pocketed.

Another man on a bike helps the lady by wheeling her own vehicle off the road while she makes a telephone call seemingly unaware that her wallet has been stolen.

She does not appear seriously hurt despite the crash.

Thai social media and foreign comment was rife.

People commented on the idiocy of riding a bike holding an umbrella obscuring the road and others called for the arrest of the “win” driver for stealing her wallet when she needed help.

The incidents happened in the Tha Sai area of Samut Sakhon and were posted on the Facebook page of “BigGive Tachalom” .

The commentary on the video calls mostly for the arrest of the win driver.

Expect this story to run and run.

(Source:-Manager Online)

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