Floods hit Bangkok.

The governor of Bangkok apologized to city residents yesterday after one of the worst floods the city has suffered in years.

After expressing his regret, Aswin Kwanmuang invoked a phrase most often used by kids that come home with bad report cards. He said, “I tried my best.”

He followed this platitude up by saying that he, “truly understands how badly the people are suffering the consequences of the floods. I apologize for this trouble with no excuses and I am willing to listen to all complaints and criticism.”

The mayor spent yesterday morning visiting some of the worst flood sites after the city was pounded with seven hours of rain the night before, leading to flooding that caused school closures and many people stuck in their homes on Thursday.

Though the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is usually able to drain floodwaters to manageable levels within a few hours, it took more than 10 hours to drain waters on Thursday. The rain Wednesday night fell at 169 millimeters per hour in the neighbourhoods that were hit hardest. The city’s drainage can only handle about 60 millimeters of rain per hour.

The areas that were hit the worst included: Chaeng Watthana Road in Laksi district, Ngam Wong Wan Road, Phahonyothin Road near Chatuchak Market, and Sukhumvit Road near Bearing BTS station.

(Source:- Coconuts)

By Juninho