Young novice sexually assaulted by abbot? (Photo:-Thai Rath)

Four novices have gone to the police in Loei in Thailand’s north east to say that a local abbot sexually assaulted them.

The novices, two aged 17 and 16, filed a complaint with Khok Ngam cops about an abbot called “Dam” at a Buddhist ordination center in Dan Sai district.

“A”, aged 17, said he had been ordained on the 17th of this month. The next day “Phra Ajarn Dam” called him to a room near the monk’s quarters where he was told that he had to exorcise some destructive forces in his body.

He then sexually abused him and was told not to tell anyone and his phone was taken away.

This was repeated on the 23rd.

“B” told the cops that between 9pm and 10pm he had been called to an office where the abbot masturbated him.

Unable to take this any longer the pair fled with two others back home and told their parents.

Investigations continue.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

By Juninho