“You’re A Fake!” – Thai Man’s Miracle Generator Invention Rubbished


Picture: Workpoint News

A leading electrical engineer and academic has slammed the invention of a power generator by Thai pensioner as nonsense.

Cheun Fanmeik, 75, a retired worker at the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand claimed that he could get thousands of watts of power from turning the handle on his machine for just 15 minutes.

Thus he was able to power his house for 6- 8 hours without using any fuel.

Professor Dusit Suksawat at the Lat Krabang Institute of Technology called out the pensioner’s claims.

Professor Dusit said the figures just don’t add up and it was all a fake claim.

If the guy said he was able to produce 20 watts of power he would be prepared to believe him.

He called on the inventor to present his machine and data for scientific analysis, reported Workpoint News.

Cheun said he had been working on the machine for more than a decade but many people commenting online ridiculed the claims.

One popular Thaivisa poster mocked the invention saying: “I can’t believe Nikola Tesla overlooked this”.

(Source: – Workpoint News)

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