Want to make sure you are aware of all the religious and other holidays thta per thai law will close all the bars and ban alcohol sales for 2029?

Well, Pattaya Unplugged is here for you. The following days are guaranteed closure days for 2023. This means that Bars, Entertainment venues, Gogos, etc are closed. Sales of ALL booze are prohibited. No stores, restaurants, or hotels will legally sell these days.

Nightclubs, live music places, etc will be closed. Most tourist attractions, restaurants, malls, movies, etc. are open….but NO booze is sold on these days. There are five guaranteed closure days and a few “possible” days. Closure hours are generally 24 hours, from midnight to midnight.

The following five days below are guaranteed total alcohol sales ban days. If bars are opened, they will also be shut these days:

Monday, March 6th-Makha Bucha Day, GUARANTEED CLOSURE OF BARS

Saturday, June 3rd-Vesak Day, GUARANTEED CLOSURE OF BARS (Note, there will be a government holiday on June 5th, but alcohol will not be banned this day)

Tuesday and Wednesday, August 1st and 2nd-Asahna Bucha Day and Buddhist Lent Start, GUARANTEED TWO-DAY CLOSURE OF BARS

Sunday, October 29th-Vassa Day, End of Buddhist Lent, GUARANTEED CLOSURE OF BARS. Likely a Government holiday on Monday, October 30th, but not a ban on alcohol.

Importantly, there is set to be a GENERAL ELECTION this year which will likely fall in May, although the EXACT date is not yet clear. The tentative date set is MAY 7th, a Sunday. General elections under Thai law cause alcohol sales to be banned, although hours are usually only the night before until polls close.

Generally, closing hours are around 5 PM the night before (Saturday, May 6th) to 5 PM when polls close on Election Day but will disrupt two days of business.

Additionally, early voting has been known to close bars and alcohol sales also the weekend before but is not guaranteed.  If this happens, Bars would close on Saturday, April 29th, around 5 PM and reopen when polls close on Sunday, April 30th.

Birthdays of the beloved and respected Royal family, while government holidays are not alcohol-ban days.


(Source: – Asean Now)