Khon Kaen expats like me or indeed anywhere in Thailand often gravitate socially towards other expats.Meeting up in bars, restaurants, the golf course, etc. That`s quite understandable as we share similar experiences of life in Khon kaen, similar languages and interests. That’s also true of foreigners living in Western countries. Often it`s said that different foreign nationals living in Western countries tend to migrate to live in the same area of a particular city as other folk from their country.

What strikes me as odd sometimes, is the casual encounter in Khon Kaen between two expat strangers. For example, many a time have I been in a place where there happen to be no other falangs. Not so much in bars but places like a 7/11, or a shopping mall, or a remote town outside of Khon Kaen,or even the golf course. I spot another expat or even pass him in an aisle. But the thing I sometimes find odd is the body language says ‘don`t talk to me!’.

Now I’m sure it’s not just me. You’d think if 2 aliens from the same planet landed in Khon Kaen and noticed one another they’d at least say “Hello” or smile or a give a nod. If that’s how aliens acknowledge each other. But many a time I have briefly locked eye contact with another falang and just as quickly their eyes divert away, along with the rest of them.

In fact, having talked to friends in Khon Kaen, I know its not just me who has had this happen to them. I also know most people are going about their business and don’t need to strike up an acquaintance every time they see another expat.But it seems to occur so often that it got me thinking why?

Maybe there have been too many previous encounters with expats that are not ‘normal’ so to speak. You know the ones, ex CIA, SAS, FBI expats..honestly. Or an inflated story about themselves expats. So its best to avoid strangers. I don’t really have an answer but next time you see an expat nod, smile or even say “hello” to you, it might be me.So please don`t ignore me or my persecution complex will grow.