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Fairly recently we ran a couple of articles about some airlines regarding safety issues. Whilst it may not be the most riveting of topics, it is something that affects the majority of us.

It is good to see that the International Civil Aviation Organisation ( ICAO) is on the ball and is doing its best to ensure the safety of all passengers.

It needs to be stressed that all this does not mean it is unsafe to fly with companies mentioned in the report. However, one can never do too much when it comes to air safety.

We can now reveal that three Thai-registered airlines are expected to be re-issued Air Operator Certificates (AOCs) early next year after the ICAO’s “red flag” over safety concerns.

The airlines concerned are Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways and Thai AirAsia.

The director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) said he believed that the AOCs will be reissued to the three airlines by January or February.

Assuming they get through the process involved in examining aviation documents at the end of this month, the flight companies will go through to the next stage which is aircraft inspection.

The whole process should take about five months.

The president indicated that the agency initially aimed at re-issuing AOCs to eight airlines by February. However, the new AOC inspections for the five remaining airlines will begin in March.

It is now hoped that all 25 remaining airlines will pass the re-inspection, with AOCs issued by September next year.

The ICAO inspectors will also be invited to conduct fresh inspections to save time in a bid to lift the red flag as quickly as possible.

Regarding solutions to the significant safety concerns, the Transport Minister ordered the relevant agencies to report directly to the ICAO through its website by the end of the month.

Should the ICAO find any flaws in the reports, it will inform Thai authorities. However, if there are no mistakes, the certificates will be approved.

Hopefully, everything should run like clockwork and we can all rest easier during future flights.


(Thanks to Bangkok Post)



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