Chang International Circuit

Chang International Circuit bendFollowing on from our recent press conference article, many readers have expressed a desire to know more about the circuit and up and coming events. Here are a few key pointers to get you started.

What Are Some Stats About The Track and Complex?

  • The Circuit and complex cost over 2,000 million baht to build and are situated on an expansive 1,200 acre site.
  • The track is 4.554 km long.
  • The circuit features twelve bends of varying severity. Fortunately for spectators nine of those bends are very close to the main, highly impressive 50,000 capacity Grandstand.
  • There are two long straights. One is  a whole km long. On this longer straight hair raising speeds of 300 – 315 kph are expected to be achieved.
  • The two high speed straights are joined by a tight hairpin bend. Therefore drivers will be accelerating to top speed and having to then negotiate an extremely tricky corner before entering the next straight..
  • After the straights competitors very soon find themselves in the technical section. This sits in front of, and can be fully viewed from, the main stand.
  • The technical section consists of nine bends some of which can be taken at 160kmh.
  • From the main grandstand, spectators can see the entire race track.
  • Overall, the track seems to have  a great mix of speedy straights and serious skill requiring bends. Split second timing will be paramount towards the end of the straights and corner handling skills will also be tested to the max by the other parts of the track.
  • The circuit was designed by world famous, and considered world number one race track designer by many, Herman Tilke.

The Whole Circuit – Grandstand Looking Directly Over The Technical Section

Chang International Circuit

What Racing Can Chang International Circuit Host?

  • The circuit has been approved to host MOTO GP, F3, GT1, GT2 and GT3 events.
  • It can also be used for Formula 1 testing and it also meets FIA Grade IT and FIM Grade A standards.

Moto GP Bikes

Chang International Circuit Moto GPjpg

Can Us Little People Use The Track?

  • The great news is yes!
  • Members of the public will be able to enjoy the track first hand.
  • We are not sure of prices yet but its exciting to know that the track shall be open to us ordinary folk.
  • Courses for driving and bike riding are to be held, instruction being provided by professional racers.
  • Tourists can also take a ride on the circuit, being driven round by professionals.

Super GT Car

Chang International Circuit Super Gt

What Are The Up And Coming Events At Chang International Circuit?

  • The following events have already been confirmed :-
  • October 4th and 5th  Buriram United Super GT Race.
  • October 18th and 19th Poppy Hunter Super 1 Race,
  • November 1st and 2nd Thailand Super Series Formula 5 & 6
  • November 7th and 9th Motor Cross Asia Road Race
  • November 22nd and 23rd  Asian Le Mans Series

Why Not Take A Spin Around Chang International Circuit Right Now And Watch This In Car Video.


If You Haven’t Seen It Before Here Is The Chang International Circuit Promo Video Also.


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