Shooting RangeYet another interesting new facility is available at the i-Moblile complex under the auspicious Buriram United banner.   The Buriram United Shooting Club has been open to the public from late March 2014.

The range has a capacity of over 50 stations in a covered gallery.  So you can happily shoot away at your targets without being caught in the sun.

Rental options include a wide variety of shooting gear. .22, .38, .45 and 9mm hand held shooting pistols can be used. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous you can get your hands on a big, powerful, double barreled shotgun. Be careful those things pack a punch and kick back seriously hard!

Instruction on handling and safety before use is absolutely essential. (Don’t try this at home kids). On that note, safety goggles and ear mufflers are a must and are directly on hand from the club.

.For visiting and local gun enthusiasts, the club house, which adjoins the football stadium complex, provides a small lounge and a light refreshment facility. Snacks and drinks are readily available to all guests.

Business parties are very welcome and can use the meeting room facilities during a conference or an office day out at the shooting range.


Why not come on down and get your frustrations out by blasting a few bullets at your target of choice. It’s all good, harmless fun and very affordable too. 

How To Get There

Go into the i-mobile stadium from the highway 219 entrance. The other side from the Armari Hotel. Drive through the car park. They are at the back end of the car park behind the stadium. 

There is extensive parking in front of the club house for coach parties, minibuses and cars. Go get em cowboy! 

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