An English Garden Party In Thailand

tonys10To celebrate a special Birthday, Tony Murhpy, a prominent member of the Buriram Golfing Society, held an English style garden party in a far flung village way out in the sticks of Buriram. 

Reaching his 70th birthday,  the septuagenarian hosted a picnic and barbecue extravaganza of proportions rarely seen in these parts. 

Once guests were able to negotiate some rather testing navigational instructions, a large crowd assembled at the beautiful country home of Tony and his wife Na. All were met with open arms and abounding hospitality.

The Generous Welcoming Hosts Tony and Na


All wives were present and correct for the occasion and, as they do, got together for a good natter and a giggle.

Wives all Present and Correct Having a Good Natter and a Giggletonys4

Specially for the gathering a plump pig had been acquired and placed in a crafty makeshift outdoor oven. 

In various batches throughout the day, the  swine was roasted and presented to the hungry guests. 

A Batch of Pork Being Roasted in The Makeshift Oven


Home made masaman curry, som tam and pasta also accompanied the pork and it’s fair to say that all present stretched their stomachs to the limit.

Equally important was the free flowing libation which was enjoyed just as much as the ever replenishing banquet. 

Ever Replenishing Banquet Washed Down with Limitless Beer and Other Refreshments


Many thanks from all that attended must go to Tony and his wife Na for organising such a super English garden party event.

Great food and great company was enjoyed by all on this very special occasion of Tony’s seventieth birthday. Perhaps in ten years time it can be done all over again! 

P.S. If you are hosting a similar event and would like it covered by the Buriram Times (we promise better photos) please get in touch. 

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