Stalls at Buriram Agricultural Show.

The annual Buriram Agricultural Show was held at Buriram Agricultural College on Friday and Saturday , November 10 and 11.

It is a very popular event and attendances were high, as proved by the difficulty of finding a parking place. As well as there being a large amount of cattle and farm machinery on display, there were a large number of stalls selling a range of products such as plants, pets, clothing and leather goods.

Rabbits and guinea pigs were on sale.


Plants anyone?


Or perhaps a new handbag or belt ?

Farm machinery is obviously important and there was plenty to look at. I found the tractors particularly interesting as I started driving them when I was 10 on my father’s farm.

Bit different from the old Massey-Fergusons I was used to.

There was also a lot of cattle that their proud owners had on display and one in particular I found very impressive !

How about this “big boy” ?

Farmers are naturally competitive worldwide and this was demonstrated in the indoor show ring which proved very popular with the appreciative, knowledgeable spectators. Warm applause greeted the winners of the various classes as their delighted owners collected their prizes.

Judges inspecting the “contestants”.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon and well-worth a visit. If you missed it this year, we will do our very best to preview next year’s event.





By Juninho