alex 2

This is the first time this event, which is a six round series was held at Buriram Chang International Circuit and is the 2nd round of this year.

The driver we feature this week is Alex Yoong of Malaysia.

alex yoong

Alex Yoong was born in Malaysia to a Chinese father, who raced saloon cars, and an English mother who was a rally driver.

At 16 years of age he became the youngest driver in Malaysia to compete in motorsport and in 2001\2002 became the only Malaysian driver to compete in Formula 1, driving for the Minardi team. Between 2005 &2008 he raced for Malaysia in the A1 GP series.

He won the AUDI R8 LMS CUP IN 2015/2016 and is chasing his 3rd championship this year. On his first time in Buriram he was 1st in Saturday’s race and took 5th place on Sunday which puts him and the Audi Teda team in a good position in the series so far.

As well as being an accomplished driver he also works as TV presenter on Formula One racing for Fox Sport Asia and 8TV.


Apart from the Audi series we also had at Buriram the exotic Lamborghinis which raced each day for 50minutes which involved compulsory pit stops and a change of driver to add to the spectacle of seeing these impressive cars race.

dryver change

Other races were for the Formula Series China which are open wheel cars similar to formula 3 cars.


The crowd at the circuit was disappointing on Saturday but on Sunday there was great improvement with the grandstand around 50% full of spectators enjoying the racing.

Report by Colin and Steve