Bangkok, good value for money.

Bangkok has come out as the most affordable destination among the top 10 Asian cities for a week-long getaway this holiday season. The average cost of one week in Bangkok including hotel, airfare, meals and tour is 43,541 baht.

The figures were compiled and released in a report by travel and booking site TripAdvisor.

Cebu came in second at 45,868 baht, then Luzon (46,197), Bali (48,957) and Phuket (49,861).

The figures are calculated on the basis of a one-week trip including a seven-night hotel stay, average national round-trip airfare, two tours plus activities and three restaurant meals per day.

The average nightly hotel rate in Bangkok is 2,008 baht, the average flight cost is 8,361 baht, the average meal including drinks is 788 baht and the average tour and activities cost is 2,285 baht.

These prices are for the period December 1 to February 28 2017.

TripAdvisor feel that this report helps travellers take advantage of savings at selected destinations by highlighting the least expensive week to visit, as well as highly-rated value hotels and must-do bookable trips and tours.

It will also come in handy for travellers who are planning breaks at the New Year, be it for Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day.


By Juninho