Having gone through extensive redevelopment over the last few years, I think we can safely say, Buriram city centre is indeed a beautiful place to be.

Due to the ongoing work of Buriram council, slowly but surely the centre of Buriram has become increasingly pleasing to the eye year on year.

Specifically the moats, waterways, parks and pedestrian parts of town have seen significant rejuvenation over the past little while. It really seems that the heart of Buriram City centre has been given a complete and thorough makeover.

City Center Moat or “Klong” Lined With Red Paving Stones


The lining of the moats with red paving stones and trees, has created picturesque and relaxing walks. And for some these features have become popular running spots. Many parts however, are discretely hidden away and undiscovered by most.

Hidden Away Picturesque Walking Path Around The Back Of One Of The Klongs


During morning time, walkers can watch the sun rise as they circle the shimmering water. After the heat of the day and as it cools in the evening, more brisk walkers can be seen going round the waterways alongside many runners.

Right In the centre of town, sits the favourite klong circuit for walkers and runners.

Walkers And Runners Favourite City Centre Spot


The planting of flowers and trees in the happy park area has created a beautiful fully grown garden where once lay ugly waste land and rubble. This is right next to the new Walking St.

City Centre Park Area (One Year Ago It Was Waste Land And Rubble)


More Park Area


Attracting a hub of activity, the improvements to the town centre, have made space for leisurely walking, exercising, markets, outdoor massage and more. Even a large roofing dome, covering the main aerobics area in town, has been built.

The effect of all of this is that despite being in a city environment, residents of Buriram now have the great advantage and pleasure of a verdant and lush city centre.

They can come here to exercise, relax, take a calming walk in the evening or even go shopping at the walking street market.

Here are a few more pics. – More Walk Ways With Lush Trees.


Bridge Over One Of The The Klongs


Expansive Water


Park Area Around One Of The Klongs






Walkway Shaded By Trees


Why not go and discover these walkways for yourself??????

  • You may get to see parts of Buriram that you’ve never seen before
  • From the usual moat in the happy park and aerobics dome area take a little adventure
  • Follow the waterways past the night plaza
  • It will take you round the less busy and hidden away parts of the town centre
  • Once at the end, you can turn around and come back on the other side of the klong
  • It’s a beautiful and peaceful walk by the water
  • The circuit is about three kilometers and it makes for a very pleasant morning or evening stroll
  • Enjoy!

Some Interesting Info About The Moats



Due to the increased numbers of new readers to the Buriram Times the Editorial team will republish some of the most popular articles from the archived files over the coming weeks, This article was written by our good friend Rob Gall in 2014.