Fake whiskey alert (Photo:-Thai Rath)


Excise officials busted a factory in Thailand’s far south on Thursday that was mixing up fake Johnny Walker Red and Black label whisky.
The whisky was described by officials as “very dangerous” for consumers and was headed for Bangkok and surrounding areas as well as for consumption in Hat Yai.
The man behind the fake booze is a foreigner.
The raid was conducted in the Khuanlang sub-district of Hat Yai, Songkhla.
Two women who were caught as they prepared to fill bottles had tried to burn fake excise stamps and toss them down an outside drain.
Sriwat Jaichanalert, 40, and 20 year old Amornrat Jaimongkhonwongsa would take delivery of 25 gallon drums of already mixed spirit, put it into bottles, add labels and excise tabs and arrange for it to be delivered.
For this they were paid 30,000 and 15,000 baht respectively.
Sriwat said that she didn’t know the identity of their boss. She had an outstanding case of mixing fake alcohol pending.
A regional excise officer said that the man behind the operation was a foreigner and that the fake booze was very dangerous for consumers.
The two women will be prosecuted and the hunt is on for the owner of the business.
Source: Thai Rath

By Juninho