bobby CarReturning once more to Buriram, the Bobby Hunter Super One race is coming from the 3-5th of April. That is this weekend coming.

Last year we followed the CEA racing team, who pulled off a momentous victory to win their race.

Ticket prices have not yet been announced but last year they were only 350 baht for a whole weekend in the grandstand or just 150 Baht for race day on Sunday.

Amazingly, seats at this very cheap price were in the main grandstand from where you could see the entire track. Previously billed as “Race Fantasia”, the event promises to be something quite different.

Featuring a curious pick and mix variety of races, the True Visions Bobby Hunter Super One Race should make for a fantastically entertaining weekend.

Pick Ups Zooming Around

pick ups

You can go and see souped up pick up trucks smoke from the wheels, spin out on tight corners and generally cause a bit of chaos. A full range of classic Japanese cars can also be seen vying for position in the Japan Retro Classic Car Open.

Old Japanese Classics Racing


Smaller, yet zippy motor vehicles are also taking part. Toyota Yaris’s, Suzuki Swifts and Honda Civics can be watched speeding around the track.

Zippy Smaller Cars Having A Go


Many “Modified” every day road vehicles are also on racing display.

Touring And Modified Cars Last Year at Chang International Circuit With CEA In front

cea logistics race

Lastly a popular inclusion of the series are the Lamborghini’s and Porches.

More Lamborghini’s and Porches at Chang International Circuit Last Year

big cars

Due to the great variety of cars taking part, it looks like another fun weekend out at the Chang International Circuit.

As usual, the Buriram Times Team will certainly be down there to take a look.