Buriram Business – Feature Bamboo Bar In Full Swing


Japanese visitors with guest “farang” enjoying the Bamboo.

The racing circuit along with the other attractions and events which bring in a tremendous number of tourist to the area is a huge benefit to the local economy.

This weekend the Super GT arrived in town with a massive influx of Japanese visitors and  teams from all over the world. Every hotel has been fully booked for months in advance and for the last few days restaurants have been bursting at the seams. It is no wonder that the city is the envy of the North- East region of Thailand.


More of our Japanese friends.

The Chang International Circuit has put Buriram on the world stage and it is wonderful to see that local businesses are also benefiting from the investment that has been injected into the city over the past few years.

The Buriram Times motor sport team will bring you up to date on what is happening at the Chang International Circuit on Sunday.



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