Texas Scramble players.

Buriram Golf Society held their latest Texas Scramble at Khao Kradong Golf Course on Tuesday, May 8. Eight teams of three players turned up for the 7.50am shotgun start. (ie all the teams start at the same time from different holes.)

The event was sponsored by the popular Norwegian Patrik Hukkelberg who even put up a 5,000 bht prize for a hole-in-one. It was the usual format with each player in a team teeing off before selecting the best drive. All three players then play their second shot from that spot. This continues until the ball is holed. Each player must have at least three drives selected.

The handicaps of the players in a team were added together and divided by five to give a team handicap. Scoring was the stableford system. There were also prizes for nearest-the-pin on the par threes, (1&10 and 6&15).

Conditions were good when play got under way. As usual, the scoring was quite tight and the full result is as follows:-

Vince, Magnus and Mike

1. Mike Olssen, Magnus Sundgren and Vince Murray. 47pts  (handicap 10)



Colin, Gunnar and Pete

2. Colin Bradwell, Pete Hughes and Gunnar Nilsson   45pts (10)



Graham, Roger and Lindsay

3. Graham Dresser, Lindsay Warden and Roger Ribbins  43pts (8)



Peter D, Pete T and Tony

4. Tony Murphy, Pete Thripp and Peter Dempsey  40pts (10)



Tommy, Peter and Malcolm

5=. Peter Bourne, Tommy Jackson and Malcolm McKay 39pts (15)



Martin, Mike and Keith

5=. Keith Wood, Martin Moyle and Mike Picard  39pts (10)



Pedro, Kevin and Lynn

7=. Lynn Thompson, Kevin Musgrove and Pedro  36pts (16)



Tonny, Patrik and Tom

7=. Patrik Hukkelberg, Tonny Johnk and Tom  36pts  (16)


At the conclusion of the golf, the players gathered at Jimmy’s Sports Cafe for the presentation and post competition meal.


Winners Vince, Magnus, (Sponsor Patrik) and Mike


Captain Keith Wood with nearest-the-pin winner on 1/10 Magnus Sundgren


Captain Keith with nearest-the-pin winner on 6/15 Mike Olssen

Patrik also provided a special prize, something close to his heart, on the 8/17th hole. A carrier bag full of beer was placed on the fairway and was awarded to the player whose ball came to rest the closest to it.

Captain Keith with “nearest-the-beer” winner,rather appropriately, Peter Dempsey!

After the presentations the players enjoyed their pre-ordered meals from Jimmy’s excellent value Daily Five Choices of Specials menu which was, as always, delicious. Thanks Jimmy and staff.

As mentioned previously, Patrik had put up a prize of 5,000 bht for a hole in one which sadly, no-one achieved. However, typical of the man, Patrik bought everyone in the bar a drink. Cheers Pat, you really are a star !

It had been a thoroughly enjoyable day, as these occasions always are. It is a wonderful format and we look forward to the next one. Thanks to all the backroom staff for their usual excellent organization of the event.


By Juninho

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