Buriram Government Hospital


The proprietor of the Buriram Times, due to an emergency admission, spent the last week in the local hospital and would like to thank the entire staff for their kind and professional attention.

There is a major extension taking place at the present time which is much needed. The facilities at the moment are way overstretched and it is quite amazing how the medical staff are able to cope. All the wards are overflowing with patients having to be accommodated on trolleys along corridors and alleyways or wherever there is a parking space.

It was just incredible how everything seemed to work in such organized chaos. The doctors and nurses were completely in control and exceptionally polite under the circumstances even though this grumpy old farang could not get a private room as they were all full.

The private hospital in Buriram is very limited with its facilities and rumours of a takeover, which have been circulating for the past 12 month’s, cannot come soon enough to provide Buriram with the health care the city needs and deserves.