Buriram Isaan Property with over 300 properties listed on their books report another excellent year on sales. Established in 2010 they now have every major developer in the city on their website, including Lively Homes. Tada Group, Buriram Homes, Buriram Developers and many others. They also have over 2500 rai of land for sale within the province.

The Real Estate Company is part of the Buriram Group which also has a Project Management team that constructs new houses and developments for foreign nationals and local Thais who require top quality western standard properties built under strict supervision with fixed quotations and budgets.




Buriram Isaan Property are recognized as one of the only qualified firm of surveyors in the region and are now instructed to carry out professional appraisals and valuations for international lawyers and banks from all over the world for properties throughout the North East of Thailand.

The group announced today that they are expanding to Udon Thani and will be opening a new office in the city in October.



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