Buriram Times is undergoing an upgrade and sporting a great new look with greater accessibility.

All the favourite features will still be available and we hope to bring you some new content you’ll enjoy very soon.

If an ad, photo or link is missing today rest assured this will be fixed shortly.

Please check back for great new content and latest news.

Our original mission statement remains the same:

“These are extremely exciting times in Buriram. Hotels have gone up, attractions are being built, and the selection of restaurants, bars and activities is ever expanding. As a bonus, all areas of the town are being constantly upgraded by Buriram council.

The beautiful town centre parks, historical attractions, and elegant town centre waterways are always being improved and updated.

In short, the experience of living in Buriram is getting better and better all the time. Buriram Times is here to get you the latest news from the area.

Whether it’s a new restaurant, hotel, a tourist attraction upgrade, or property development, we’ll get the latest scoop and tell you all about it. Our aim is to bring you all the positive aspects of the progress happening in this expanding, dynamic and beautiful town of Buriram. Over the coming months and year you will see Buriram Times expanding to cover all aspects of life in the province.

It’s likely that we shall be covering everything from sport to education and from jobs to leisure.

Let’s hope we can bring you the news you want to hear.

P.S If you have anything you’d like us to report on please let us know. Whether it’s an event you are hosting, a restaurant opening, a tourist attraction story, a sporting event or just something you think people might like to hear about please don’t hesitate to get in touch. ”