Another post on the provinces in the North-East region.

Buri Ram, which literally means “City of happiness” or “peaceful city,” is situated in the lower part of the Northeastern region, about 410 km from Bangkok. Buri Ram province is the location a number of Archaeological discoveries of pre-historic human habitation and ancient ruins from the Dvaravati period (6th-11th centuries C.E.) The most important Historical evidence found includes more than 60 sandstone sanctuaries scattered around the area. There are also discoveries of important Khmer pottery kiln sites that date back to the 10th – 13th centuries and Buri Ram contains abundant sandstone sanctuaries built by the Khmer Kingdom at Angkor, including Phanom Rung, easily Thailand‘s most stunning Khmer Monument.

Buriram is a land of volcanoes and ancient Khmer civilization site in Thailand which make it important as a historical tourist attraction. To emphasize its richness in cultural heritage, there are crafts like silk and Na Pho Mudmee (ikat). Currently, Buriram has a popular football stadium and motorsport race track where many tourists never miss.

The town and province of Buri Ram are excellent places to experience authentic, rural Thai life and are ideal for immersing yourself in no-frills Thai country Culture or an authentic Isan city atmosphere. However, while the town itself has limited attractions and activities for visitors, the provincial countryside is filled with ancient ruins, many of which are no more than rubble, but include the Khmer sanctuary of Phanom Rung, one of the best-preserved Angkorian Temples in Southeast Asia and a premier Destination for witnessing sunrises and sunsets when the sun is aligned with the doorways of the temple.

Things to do in Buriram:

1. New I –Mobile Stadium

New I Stadium


This is one of the best things to see in Buriram. The stadium is constructed as per the International standard. There are a huge parking area and ample sitting places for the audience. Most of the games are held here. There are good resting places for the players. The rooms are very nice. During the night time, the entire stadium complex is flooded with lights.


2. Khao Kradong Forest3. Phanom Rung Historical Park

Phanom Rung Historical Park


The place is situated about one hour and a half from Korat. There are ample historical traces in this place. Most of the visitors usually rush here to have a view of these historical elements. It is located on the top of an extinct volcano. There are some craving sandstones that are quite untouched. The place attracts people who have a great passion to explore historical events. So it can be presumed that this is one of the must things to do in Buriram Thailand.


4. Chang International Circuit

Chang International Circuit


It is an amazing place and an individual can have an excellent experience to ride in the cylinder trucks. There is an expo area inside the place where one can see various types of interesting events. They can spend a nice time in this place. The visitors should consume a lot of water as it is very hot.


5. Night Bazaar

Night Bazaar


If you are at Buriram, then you should not forget to visit the Night Bazaar. It would be really one of the unique experience to roam in the bazaar and taste various types of junk foods. There are many stalls that serve varieties of delicious dishes. The market looks vibrant with the decoration and the number of people who gather here. Live performances and shows too organized here so that you can enjoy your time more.


6. Wat  Khao Noi

Wat Pa Khao Noi


It is a newly built temple and it follows the Kmehr pattern. The temple is mainly constructed to show ancient history. There is no ancient structure in this temple. Everything is freshly constructed. It would take half an hour to explore the entire this. There are big grounds around the temple where people can sit and spend good time.


7. Buriram Castle

Buriram Castle


During the weekdays the whole area remains very silent and less crowded. But once the weekend arrives, the area gets filled up with lots of local food stalls. Various types of activities take place in and around the street. The place is much more ideal for kids. There are many rides and activities that they can perform. Rope climbing is one of them.


8. Buriram Monsters Fishing Park

Fishing Park


It is another wonderful area for visitors. If anyone has a strong passion for fishing then this place would be the perfect one. There is a big lake and it has a wide variety of big fish. The place is very quiet and calm. Sometimes lunch is served to the guests who are busy with fishing.


9. Lam Nang Rong Dam

Lam Nang Rong Dam


The place is actually a big dam. There are some big restaurants and eating places near the dam. The scenic view is very beautiful. Beers are served in most of the hotel the food is something that you would fall in love with. The area comes under the authority of the Royal Project for Security Development. Apart from this, the dam is also used for fishing, swimming, and boating at the same time. There are hotel rooms where people can stay and relax.


10. Gift And Specialty Shops Of Buriram

Shops Of Buriram


Most of the people wish to purchase some gift for their loved ones while returning back from Buriram. Thus, there are ample shops in and around the city that has a huge stock of wide varieties of gift items. There are mementoes that can be gifted to the people. The Lively market is one such place that is very famous for shopping.

There are many boutique shops in this market. If the tourists get tired of marketing, then they can sit and relax at the restaurants. A lot of drinks and foods are served here.

(Source: – Tourism Thailand/Travel Triangle)