A career drug dealer is under arrest again inKhon Kaen, but this time his wife is also in trouble with the law. 40 year old Samakchai and his 20 year old wife, Warisara, are now in custody after narcotics suppression police searched their rented room.  Police say they found 100,000 methamphetamine pills and some ketamine. The raid came after the arrests of two other suspects named Uthai and Saowalak, both from Khon Kaen.

According to the Bangkok Post, police say they found 6,800 meth pills in their car with the suspects admitting that they had bought the drugs from Samakchai. According to police, Samakchai has served three jail terms already for similar offences. They say he is a major drug agent in Chaiyaphum. His last stint in jail saw his release in December 2021. Investigators say they tracked the suspect and his wife to the rented room where they were allegedly hiding out. They say they also seized a car and motorcycle.

Thai media reported that Samakchai told police that he had purchased the drugs from a LINE app user that was identified only as Jarn and who lived in Bangkok. He says Jarn sold him speed pills for 7.25 baht each and he resold them for 8.50 baht. He then said that he purchased 100,000 pills at a time, while the ketamine pills were purchased at 25,000 baht per 100 grammes. He says he then resold the ketamine at 35,000 baht. Warisara reportedly told police that her job was to contact customers and prepare the drugs for delivery.


(Source: – The Thaiger)