chang HotelAfter their massive investment in Chang International Circuit, rumors have it that Chang beer are now extending their investment even further in Buriram.

News has come in that Chang Beer Company may have decided to buy and develop the dilapidated Sang Rung hotel.

As the hotel has sat empty for many years and lapsed into an unusable state, this hotel purchase would be a welcome facelift for that part of the city.

Circulating rumors  go further than mere purchase and speculate on a possible planned development. The purported development is thought to be a 14 story hotel with 200 plus rooms. What is not clear is whether the existing structure will be used or knocked down to make way for a new one.

With recent developments in Buriram and the announcement that there shall be race meetings every week at the Chang International Circuit, this could be a wise purchase.

According to reports Buriram’s hotels have already been fully booked for some time for the first meeting at the circuit. Not only that, Surin, which is 50 km away, is also accommodating many of the race goers.

This particular site is only two minutes form the city center. Also, as it is on the edge of a main highway, access to i-molile stadium and the race track is a mere five minutes away.

If  events are to be held every week at the circuit there is a great deal of scope for further hotel developments within the city of Buriram. 

At the moment this potential development is all rumor ( albeit a rather well spoken about one) and we shall confirm if it is going ahead at a later date.