Concerns About The Health Of Monks Following Pictures Of Beefcake Monk Online

Beefcake monk online.

Pictures of a hunky body building monk were posted online along with comments to encourage the clergy to eat better and get fit.

The unnamed monk looked like he had exchanged chanting for pumping iron though no one was suggesting the laity had slipped him some steroids in his morning alms bowl.

A commentary on the “Piak Rider and Drama Addict” page online said that no one expected other monks to be so well developed beneath the robes.

But something needs to be done to encourage the clergy to take better care of themselves.

A medical survey found recently that the monkhood suffers greatly from diabetes, obesity, high fat levels in the blood and kidney disease.

The post also called on the public who provide their food to think about healthier options. Alms givers gave the monks too many sweets, too much fat laden food and too much salt in their diet.

The public need to play their part too and encourage the porky Phras to indulge in more venerable veg.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

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