HOlidaysYou may be wondering, if you knew at all, why yet another five day holiday has hit Thailand as of today (May 1st). 

All Thai government  workers and banks will enjoy the break.

The first day of the holiday (1st of May) is Labour day and the final day (Tuesday 5th of May) is Coronation Day. 

Originally adopted to give Thai workers a break, Labour Day comes not long after another five day break for the just passed Songkran festival. 

More than eighty countries observe the Labour Day including the USA. Maybe you noticed google’s picture today?

This year the two individual holidays of Labour Day and Coronation Day fall either side of a weekend, however they still leave a Monday uncovered. 

As a policy of increasing happiness in the Kingdom, the present military government declared the Monday as a holiday making a five day reprieve from work. 

A Few Days Off

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The Junta also stated that five days of holiday will encourage an increase in domestic tourism. Falling during school and university holidays, the break should offer families the opportunity to travel together. 

Hardly being short on public holidays already, Thailand has around 23 days off a year depending on which list you look at. 

The 5th of May marks the coronation day of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great.

The Coronation of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great.


Known in Thai as “Wan Chatramongkhol”, Coronation Day involves religious and civil ceremonies that cover a three-day period, leading up to Tuesday.

HM the king came to the throne in June 1946, following the death of his elder brother.

Being only 18 at the time meant he had to return to Switzerland to complete his studies and did not undergo official coronation until the 5th of May 1950. His reign is still however recorded from 1946.

HM King of Thailand remains the longest reigning living Monarch of today with what will be 69 years of rule come the 9th of June this year. (According to wikipedia’s list)