Erik The Viking To The Rescue As King Cobras Move In But Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Erik with one of the king cobras.

Southern Thailand snake catchers turned to the expertise of a Danish man when two king cobras returned to seek vengeance on a Thai man.

Three of the four metre long beasts had invaded the home of Somjet Khonsamma at the weekend. He attacked one with a stick but the other two fled the scene.

However, on Monday they returned to get their revenge so the Siam Ruam Jai Pu-In snake catchers called in Erik to help them.

[Times comment:-This is extremely irresponsible reporting and should not be allowed to be published. Many people have a deep fear of snakes and think that the only good snake is a dead snake. Thousands are killed for no reason.

Rudyard Kipling gave king cobras a bad reputation in his story of Rikki Tikki Tavi in the Jungle Book where a pair of king cobras were portrayed as evil, cunning and vengeful as they tried to wipe out a family living in their territory.

To say these two snakes came back to “take their revenge” is going to have people believing this rubbish and further deepen their fear. There is no proof that it was the same snakes but even if it was, to suggest that they colluded to attack the man is ludicrous.

King cobras are usually shy but they can become more aggressive when water is in short supply. They are territorial and hunt in their own areas. They DO NOT plan attacks. Perhaps the author of the original article should contact a certain popular English newspaper which is always on the lookout for “sensationalist writers” !]

Soon thanks to the Dane’s skill the King Cobras were in custody ahead of their release somewhere away from people.

There have been seven to ten cases of snakes entering homes per week recently in Prasong sub-district of Surat Thani.

Erik said that the weather was hot and with water drying up the snakes were seeking alternative habitats – that meant going into people’s homes in the area.

A Thai snake catcher said the ones caught Monday were very aggressive and troublesome.



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