Granddad dies in inferno at family home. (Photo:-Daily News)

A desperate family tried to save a father and granddad in their burning house but the roof collapsed and he died in the flames.

Sanoh Phothong, 74, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease,died in the 100 year old wooden house. His nine descendants escaped.

His daughter collapsed outside and had to be supported by relatives as she told the terrible story after the occupants of the Suphanburi house were awoken in the night.

“We were all sleeping when we heard the neighbours cry out that there was a fire,” said 45 year old Lukkhana Phothong. “We got the children out first then tried to get my dad.

But the roof collapsed and injured several of us. It was impossible to get to him.

I am so sorry that we could do nothing to save my father,” she said fighting back tears.

Police said that the house was more than 100 years old and a short circuit was the likely cause. The traditional wooden house on stilts went up in a matter of moments and was completely destroyed despite the family’s initial efforts to put out the blaze.

Two cars and five motorbikes were also consumed in the inferno.

The victim was unable to help himself due to suffering from the debilitating disease.

The blaze happened in Ban Krang sub-district of Sriprajan district, Suphanburi.

A sad story but it is surprising that we don’t see more like it. The electrics are not brilliant in Thailand and old properties like this are all likely to be potential death traps. Obviously, a shortage of money is a problem but what price a human life?

(Source:-Daily News)

By Juninho