Tourist assaulted by security guard

A video clip showing a security guard at Don Mueang airport assaulting a Chinese tourist has gone viral.

Footage of the incident, which took place on Thursday, shows the guard in an altercation with the Chinese man.

The guard can be seen raising his hand to the face of the man, before taking a wild swing in an attempt to punch him.

The Chinese man manages to evade the punch before another airport security guard tries to calm the situation.

The passenger then appears to be incensed by the incident and can be seen shouting and pointing at the guards.

The incident occurred after the Chinese man had been refused entry to Thailand after arriving on a flight from Jakarta.

He had been refused entry as had been unable to show proof of onward travel, accommodation or that he had sufficient funds to support his stay in Thailand.

He was then taken to an immigration detention room but refused to stay and reentered the airport.

A short time later he was confronted by the security guard which is when the incident took place.

The clip has received widespread coverage by media in China, where the actions of the guard have been heavily criticised.

At a press conference held on Saturday afternoon Don Mueang airport general Suterawat Suwnnawat apologised for the incident which he described as regrettable.

Mr Suterawat said the guard involved has been suspended and will face a disciplinary procedure which will almost certainly result in him losing his job.

He went on to say that a formal apology will be sent to the Chinese Embassy.

(Source:-Thai Visa News)


By Juninho