Max course3A professional teacher with experience all over the world is giving away a free TEFL (Teaching English As a Foreign Language) course book online.

Max Diamond, who recently moved to Buriram, is offering a downloadable 120 hour English teaching program completely free of charge on his company website.

Londoner Max has multiple years of teaching under his belt and was part of a team who put this special course book together. The course will, after taking an exam, allow you teach almost anywhere in the world.

As well as the 120 hour TEFL course, The TEFL University offers a range of other TEFL courses including a ‘Fast-Track’ BA TEFL degree course for people who would like to pursue teaching positions in countries like Saudi Arabia (bigger salaries!), where a teaching related degree is required.


These accredited courses can be done from the comfort of your own home, and at extremely affordable prices.

Max also manages the Thailand Teachers Club ( On top of this, he is a member of the Board of Directors at The TEFL University in the UK.

Being highly willing to offer a personal service, if you have any questions not answered on the website, you can call Max any time on 0908 215 889.

As he has now moved to Buriram, Max is even willing to meet up with you for a chat about becoming a teacher or any questions you may have about The TEFL University and its courses.

Sometimes Max may be away teaching in Saudi Arabia, so if you cannot reach him by phone, you can always send him an email at:

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Call Max: 0908 215 889