Khon Kaen golfers lining up for one of the monthly tournaments at Singha Park

If you live in, or are visiting, Khon Kaen and like to play golf but aren’t sure where to start, then this article is for you. It is not a comprehensive review of every single golf course or driving range in the area, I`ll cover individual courses in more detail in the future. As nearly all the sites you visit for information about golf in Khon Kaen, always lacks something. For example go on Trip Advisor and it fails to even mention the course at Ubolratana Dam, one of the most popular in Khon Kaen.

Word of mouth about where to play is often how most golfers in Khon Kaen get to know the scene so to speak. And once you start to know where the courses and driving ranges are, away you go. But golf is a sociable game and often competitive. This is why I would recommend you check out Khon Kaen Golf  The website is

Khon Kaen Golf was originally loosely established over several chats in a bar back in 2009.The result was a 1st tournament held at Dancoon Golf Club, with 32 players of varying nationalities and handicaps, in January 2010.This then formed the beginnings of Khon Kaen Golf. With their stated aim “to be the focal point of information for those golfers who take part, or wish to take part, in our regular golf events”

Their secondary aim was “to inform the visitor to Khon Kaen of the golf facilities that are available for their enjoyment”. This is exactly what they do on their website and more. It contains details of courses, events, rules of the game, handicap records, professional advice and links to other groups such as in Udon Thani. Their website is Every 2nd and last Wednesday of each month, tournaments are held, 100 baht to enter, prizes for the winners and an opportunity to mix socially.

Mick “6-iron”Collins is the main organizer at Khon Kaen Golf. Not forgetting Alan Grffiths, who also worked with Mick, but now sadly no longer with us. How do you become a member of Khon Kaen Golf. To quote Mick” KKG has a very loose interpretation of the term ‘member’, basically you become a member once you have played in a couple of our events. We have no joining fee or membership fee. We are self financing to the extent that we charge each player a small entrance fee to take part in our events, all of this money is used to provide prizes for those events”

So there you have it. If you want to know more about golf in Khon Kaen or would like to widen your social circle then I would suggest a good starting point is Khon Kaen Golf.

Mick Collins presenting the winning trophy to Dave Gourno at Dancoon Golf Club