The Buriram Times has recently celebrated its second birthday and hopefully will be looking forward to many more to come. Since its inception, owner Hywel Williams and his team have reported on a variety of aspects of life in and around Buriram.

buriramthunderDuring this time Buriram United have been League Champions twice, including going through 2015 unbeaten in all domestic competitions. Buriram Times provides comprehensive match reports on all games .


The Chang International Circuit has opened providing both motor racing and World Super Bikes competitions which have put Buriram on the international map and all these events are covered by the Times.


The Taweeket Super Center has been revamped and extended and we have also seen the opening of Robinson’s Lifestyle Center and the Buriram Castle Community Mall .Buriram-Castle-Community-Mall-600x345All of these projects have been covered by the Times.

12745887_509629729210184_2027653006880706329_nNew bars and restaurants , such as Jimmy’s Sports Cafe, have been reviewed and we also bring you news of events at all of the venues.


The Buriram Golf Society has also been formed and it has grown into a membership of well over thirty players.


The Times has also provided advice on what to do in the event of snakebite,as well as running a series of articles on snakes that you may encounter in Thailand.


Last but certainly not least, we have provided a quick guide to Buriram’s nightlife in the hope that we can enrich visitors’ experience of the wonderful city that is Buriram.

News of car and motorbike hire, property development, accommodation purchases and rentals , as well as classified advertizing can all be found on the Buriram Times.

Of course, these are just a few of the subjects that are covered on the Buriram Times and we hope that in the years to come we can develop and grow into a truly successful online newspaper.





By Juninho