Mother’s Day in Thailand

Lights illuminate the royal avenue. Portraits of the Queen, mother of the nation, are erected throughout the country. Children kneel at their mothers’ feet and there are many tears. These are the scenes which occur on every Mother’s Day in Thailand.

While Mother’s Day is held dear in many countries throughout the world, Mother’s Day in Thailand is doubly special. Celebrated on the Queen’s birthday, August 12th, the holiday is filled with pageantry, emotion and beauty.

About Her Majesty Queen Sirikit


As the wife of the longest reigning monarch in the world, His Majesty King Bhumibol (Rama the IX), Her Majesty Queen Sirikit is also the world’s longest reigning royal consort, having presided over the Kingdom of Thailand in her royal role for over 6o years.

As a young queen, she became popular for her grace and beauty. As a lover of the elegance of Thai silks, she played a major role in the revival and growth of this Thai art. Her Majesty is also renowned for extensive charity work, including the work of the Thai Red Cross and numerous development projects throughout the country.

Regarded as Mother of the Nation, Queen Sirikit’s birthday has been declared Thailand’s official Mother’s Day. On August 12th of each year, the two occasions are celebrated together – with public festivities such as parades and ceremonies and private family get-togethers.

How Do Thais Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Like many important occasions,  giving to monks forms a special part of the traditional Mother’s Day celebrations. Early in the morning, ceremonies are held to give offerings of food to Thailand’s Buddhist monks.

Schools in Thailand usually hold a Mother’s Day ceremony. (The ceremony is held perhaps a day before the official holiday as on the day itself all schools, government offices and most businesses are closed.) Students may spend weeks beforehand rehearsing performances. On the day itself, mothers come to their child’s school and each child kneels at his or her mother’s feet, paying respect for all that she has done for them.

It’s also become quite common for families to  take mothers out for a special meal.


Mother’s Day Gifts in Thailand


The traditional Mother’s Day gift in Thailand is jasmine which is a delicate white flower symbolizing purity, gentleness and motherhood. It has a soft fragrance which will be in the air all over Thailand on Mother’s Day.

As with many cultures , it is traditional for schoolchildren to make their own personal cards to express their love and appreciation of their mothers.

How Do You Say “Happy Mother’s Day?” in Th

To say “Happy Mother’s Day” in Thai, you say: “Suksan Wan Mae”

The Buriram Times would like to wish all mothers a happy day and hope that their families make it a restful one.

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By Juninho