Picture: 77kaoded


The immigration police have set up a help center for both foreign visitors and Thais at the upcoming Moto GP motorcycle race in Buriram that starts next week.


There will also be specially equipped “smart vehicles” to keep an eye on people.


Foreigners will be able to ask about reporting their address, 90 day reports and extensions.


Thais and other visitors will be able to ask about places to stay, travel options and get other helpful advice.


There will be volunteers on hand to help translate.


Immigration will be there from 8.30 am to 6 pm from October 1st to 10th.


In addition 77kaoded reported that immigration will have 20 officers outside the help center and 8 “smart vehicles” both keeping an eye on the visitors and helping out.


The smart vehicles will be equipped with the PIBICS system that can identify those illegally in the country.


About 200,000 visitors are expected to visit Buriram in Thailand’s north east for the PTT Thailand Grand Prix 2019 at the Chang International Circuit that runs from next Friday to Sunday.


(Source: – 77Kaoded)

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